Essay about Dan And The Free Cd

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Dan and The Free CD

If there’s three things my friend Dan loves, its baseball, beer and jokes. Dan is the person to find humor in almost any situation. Like our freshman year of high school when Dan’s older brother, Tommy (a Senior at the time), had gotten arrested for trying to sell drugs to our school police officer, because he thought he seemed like “a chill guy”. I first met Dan in 6th grade resource room, a class period dedicated to help those students who need a little extra help with things such as writing, reading and any other academic aspect. Dan and I had befriended one another because we both were considered the resource room geniuses, thanks in part to the fact that we were both taking classes such as Honors Math and Science. We’d spend a lot of time together in that resource room class, talking, doing our homework from the night before, and trying to get our teacher to let us go to the cafeteria for a “quick” (usually the whole 45 minute class) snack break. As the years went on, Dan and I continued this bond.

Throughout high school, Dan and I had different paths. I was the sociable, studious student body president, while Dan was the party animal, star pitcher for the baseball team. While we had different paths, we always continued to show support for one another by going to each others various school activities (his baseball games, my fundraising events, etc.). This support was on full display for my first late night stand up performance at the Comic…

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