Damaging Golf Courses

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I believe that golf should not be considered a sport and golf courses should stop being built and here’s why. First off, golf takes up to much land and new courses keep being built every where. Golf courses are mostly being built around forests or where wildlife inhabits the surrounding area. You might think that oh, only small creatures such as squirrels, birds, and many other creatures live around and when you build these useless courses you are ruining their homes which could have taken months, maybe even years to build. Not only are you damaging wildlife you are damaging the atmosphere. The trees all around help us stay alive and with people already cutting trees for firewood, pencils, paper, etc. which already damages the earth. While staying on this topic of how damaging golf courses are, golf courses are pretty nice to look at, but the grass used is normally fake grass. They either rip up the natural grass or cover the existing grass with the fake stuff, and though grass may not seem like it help the environment it …show more content…
First, “Walking for 18 holes is often the equivalent of walking 3-to-4 miles. This gets the golfer's heart going and blood pumping.” If a golfer does not ride a golf cart around then they are bound to get some exercise in because you burn calories just by walking even if you are walking for a short amount of time. Second, “Golf is a friendly game and it gives players a chance to enjoy each other's company while competing.” Golf is a fun casual game to play just to hang around people who enjoy the same thing as you and is great for meeting new friends. Third, “Golfers have to learn how to focus on the shot they have coming up and concentrate on the fundamentals of their swing.” Golf isn’t an easy sport because if you want to win you have to put so much concentration into your swing otherwise you’ll miss or shoot it to where you don’t want it to

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