Dalit Feminism Of India Summary

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This chapter presents an overall view about feminism movement in general with special reference about Dalit Feminism. The term 'Dalit Feminism deals with special status of a woman who is also marginalised for her caste & gender. With some other writers here we discuss about short stories of Urmila Pawar a Dalit Feminist of India.
Concept of Feminism In the mid 1800s the term 'feminism ' was used to refer to 'the qualities of females", and it was not until after the first International Women 's Conference in Paris in 1892 that the term, following in French term feminise was regularly used in English for a belief in and a advocacy of equal rights for woman based on the idea of the equality of sexes. Apart from the Theoretical perspective
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Women had face many obstacles in the academic circuit, which symbolizes the effects of an educational culture that radically restricts the scope of women 's intellectual exposure. Woolf identities the certain information of being denied access to buildings or ideas as another type of infringement on the freedom of the female mind. This exclusion is more radical kind of information, one that disturbs not just as a single thought or review but the life-long development of an individual or the historical development of an intellectual tradition. In order to prepare for the lecture, women and Fiction of the narrator of 'A room of One 's Own ', goes to British Library for consulting book to her charging, she has been found on men either by male or female authors. The male author highlight the strength of weakness of women. They did actually celebrate the virtues and of …show more content…
Individual Feminism: It speaks about frustration of middle class women. It emphasis on liberating sexuality of women Germaine Greer.
7. Cultural Feminism: There is dichotomy between mind and body, which is substantiated by mental capacities of women, stands point Epistemology.
8. Post-modern Feminism: Body is a 'site ' at which important identity forming yet contradictory experience occur by Alice Jar dine (Gene is configurations of women and Modernity.)
9. Relative or Rational feminism: Women 's right of in terms of child bearing or nurturing capacities when compared to men.
1.2 Genesis and Growth of Feminism The basic of Feminism Initiated by Virginia Woolf in 1992. In her book "Room of One 's Own" Focus the need of emancipation of women from the clutches of Patriarchal society.
1.2.1 First wave feminism: pre 1920 First -wave feminism refers to a period of Feminist activity during the 19th and early twentieth century in the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands and the United States, It focused on de jure inequalities, primarily on gaining women 's suffrage. According to Miriam Shiner, "Simon de Beauvoir wrote that the first woman to "take up her pen in defense of her

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