Dalek Summary

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These two episodes occur in the United States, during the 1930s. The first episode:“Daleks in Manhattan” begins with showgirl Tallulah speaking to her boyfriend, Laszlo, before her performance. After Tallulah leaves, Laszlo follows a strange sound and he is surprised to see a pig capturing him. A few days after this incident, the Doctor and his companion, Martha, arrive from the TARDIS, a time-machine. In order to find what is happening, both of them talk to Solomon, the community leader of Hooverville, and discover that the Empire State Building’s construction has almost been completed. Meanwhile, inside this building, Mr. Diagoras, the contractor, commands the worker that there is extra work that must be completed that night. When he refuses …show more content…
They reach the Daleks' Laboratory and Martha asks the Daleks what they are doing. They reply that she will witness to the rebirth of the Dalek race and Dalek Sec's casing opens, and a strange creature emerges, wearing Mr. Diagoras' suit. In the second episode: “The Evolution of the Daleks”, the strange Dalek creature unveils to the Doctor that he is half human and Dalek and orders the other Daleks to capture him. However, using his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor and the other captives escape from the laboratory and go to the sewer, where they rejoin with Tallulah. The group then goes to Hooverville, where a guard sees the slave pigs charging towards them A great fight ensues between the pigs and the gang, and suddenly, two Daleks arrive in the air and exterminate Solomon. They also plan to kill the Doctor when Dalek Sec halts them and asks him to return to the laboratory. After the Doctor reaches the laboratory, Dalek Sec explains that he intended to create Dalek-humans through the process of hybridization. He said that his clan planned to place a Dalek metal on the roof of the Empire State Building in order to use gamma radiation from a solar flare to use it as an energy conductor. In order to prevent the new Daleks’ intention of supremacy and for them to have emotions as a human, the Doctor adds a gene solution to the

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