Essay on Dakota Access Pipeline : A Long Battle

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Dakota Access Pipeline
The Dakota Access Pipeline has been a long battle. The company that started the project, Energy Transfer Partners, are one of the key players. They have ensured Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, another key player, that the pipeline will be safe for the environment. If that is true, why are the tribe still fighting it today. For the purpose of this analysis, it will prove how aggressively the company is, how they trampled over Native Americans to get their pipeline built, and how they came to choose the area to build the pipeline.
Moreover, to get some perspective of the pipeline, Dalrymple, a journalist for the Bismarck Tribune writes, “The idea was to build a 1,134-mile pipeline from Williston, ND to Patoka, Illinois. A project of that caliber will go through 4 states. Energy Transfer partners, estimates the project to be a 3.7-billion-dollar investment” (2015). Furthermore, Dalrymple wrote about how much oil will be transferred through the Dakota Access Pipeline. “The pipeline plans to transfer 450,000 barrels per day and possibly 570,000 per day, roughly, through North Dakota to be transferred from Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico where it will be refined and sold” (2015). The company, Energy Transfer Partners, plans to help America be more self-sufficient and not have to depend on foreign oil.
The US Army Corps of Engineers, who own the land, and is partnered with Energy Transfer Partners says they are conducting the best and extensive of surveys of the…

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