Daisy From The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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This semester has been quote a journey with works of literature that most would not read outside of the classroom. Most of the characters are the average type however there were a couple that stood out. The character that stood out the most was the narrator from “The Yellow Wall-Paper”, she is the one that had invoked ones sympathy and at the same time anger. The other three were Daisy from “The Great Gatsby”, Mrs. Mallard from “The Story of an Hour”, and finally Alice Waythorn from “The Other Two”. If these women were to meet the narrator what would their opinion of her be? Daisy with her sense of privilege would definitely be the first to jump in with an opinion, Mrs. Mallard would come in second, and Alice with her control of self would give the final opinion.
Daisy from “The Great Gatsby” is the first to give her opinion, since she has had all the advantages that life offers, she fells her opinion is the most wanted and comes with a little bit of snobbery. In Daisy opinion the narrator should not be subservient to her husband, however use her feminine wilds to manipulate her husband into bending to her will. Daisy is a female from the 1920’s, which is an era when women were beginning to feel some freedom from the male dominated society. She would not stand for her husband to dictated which room they would sleep in, she would use her soft sweet female voice to get what she wanted. However Daisy would understand the disconnect the narrator has for her child; Daisy…

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