Daily Life Of The Aztecs Essay

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In his book “Daily Life of the Aztecs: People of the Sun and Earth,” David Carrasco successfully explained the life of the Aztecs, so the reader could better comprehend what the Aztecs went through. Carrasco effectively accomplished reliving the Aztecs life in 282 pages which was constructed of a preface, a chronology of Central Mexico, nine chapters, notes, glossary, selected bibliography, and an index. The “Daily Life of the Aztecs: People of the Sun and Earth,” was published in 1998 by The Greenwood Press. From the preface of the book, we discovered that the author’s thesis is, “attempt[ing] a new interpretation of the complex relationships between cultural practices, social order, and religious myths and symbols. The book is organized as a journey through Aztec geography, cosmology, and society that organized the life of the city in which children, teenagers, warriors, merchants, priests, rulers, and artists worked together to create a life of balance and devotion to the gods” (xii). Carrasco successfully defended his thesis. For example, Carrasco stated, “Let us face the fact that many people think of the Aztecs in terms of the images of human sacrifice that have come down through the centuries. We think of Aztec culture as committed to high pyramids, bloodthirsty priests, human sacrifice, and some cannibalism as well” (183). From that quote, the reader concluded that the author had proven his point about the relationships between cultural practices, social order, and…

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