Daft Punk's Electroma Analysis

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If viewers thought that “Cache” and “There Will Be Blood” were slow movies, Daft Punk’s Electroma will surprise audiences. It will leave some fans in awe, while having others bored out of their minds. Daft Punk’s Electroma is a slow pace movie, but it is anything from boring. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, the two founders of the electronic band Daft Punk, wrote and directed the spectacular Electroma.
Daft Punk has been known to get out of their comfort zone to try and make something new and unique. It’s pretty amazing that Electroma was something that Daft Punk never intended to create. This is an excerpt from some notes that Daft Punk wrote down:
We never planned for it to happen, but after we directed the videos for
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Something even more amazing is that Thomas Bangalter was in charge of the cinematography, with no real training, which was important because there is no dialogue through the whole film. It goes to show the talent that Daft Punk holds under their helmets.
The movie’s story is told by their bodies, sound and editing rather than the traditional faces and voices. Electroma gives off a very creepy tone with the masks that the robots eventually put on. For me it was a little haunting.
One thing to note is that Daft Punk does not use their own music in the film, which was a little disappointing for a Daft Punk fan, instead they go with Brian Eno, Todd Rundgren and Curtis Mayfield. The music still fits well with the film.
Now that I’m done praising the movie it’s time for the complaints. Earlier in the review I said that slow isn’t necessarily boring, but with Electroma I feel that they did drag on a little bit. I watched the movie with my brother and he almost fell asleep Also the message that they get across, while they did do a great job, is a little cliché. I saw the ending coming from a mile away, as well as other scenes like when they get chased out of town. Some people will deny it, but Electroma has that pretentious sort of feel. Those are really my only

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