Dafa Essay

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How well does the simulation actually simulate real life? What types of things are included that you would not have thought of? What sorts of things are important in cities that are omitted in the situation? At the start of the game, I am allowed to choose the type of terrain for my city by adjusting the number of water bodies and how hilly or flat the land is. This would suit the type of city that I would want to construct, as hilly terrains would not allow the construction of certain types of infrastructure. In real life, this cannot be done as the location is fixed and cannot be altered easily. Humans have to adapt to their environment around them and not the other way round. Also, the city that I construct is in isolation and is …show more content…
This is in direct contrast with that of SimCity, where I had to mark out distinctly which zones serve which particular single function at the start. Development and urban planners in the US believed that single-zoning would be much safer and less risky. This could possibly be a reason for the inherent bias in the game right from the start. Although this game allows one to create their own city, there are still some elements of bias that models and shapes the way the cities are constructed.

What kinds of choices should be made? What options are proposed and what are your reasons for deciding in favour of some ideas and against others?

The criteria for evaluating and making decisions are based on four components: accessibility, land use compatibility and specialized needs. Areas that are easily accessible attract land uses, through good transport networks. Businesses and commerce are set up in the centre of the city due to its maximum accessibility. Being the focus of transport routes, it is easy to attract people to the city and accessibility to their offices is heightened and more convenient. Also, residential areas can be built near light industries so as to take advantage of easy access and short distance between them. Different land uses can repel or attract each other. Factory owners do not need a central place to function profitably and hence they can operate further

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