Essay about `` Daddy ' Was Not My Biological Father

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In recent years, I discovered the man I called ‘daddy’ was not my biological father.
It was during the summer before my eighth grade year, I was 12 years old. It was a day like any other. That day I had been spending time with my grandmother, my aunt, and my cousin Alec. My cousin Alec and I are both only children with no siblings. He is three years older than me, so we were always close growing up being that we only have each other no other cousins that live near us. We never keep secrets from each other and this time he told me a secret you would expect to change someone’s thoughts, but what he told me that night by the side of the pool did not change me, it just made me start questioning things. It started with Alec saying, “I’m not supposed to be telling you this, but did you know that Jeremiah isn’t your real dad?”. From what he said an surge of emotions overcame me,and I began to ask him how he would know and I’m just finding out, I called my grandpaw to ask him and what he said caused the realization to set in. My grandpaw told me “ That’s a question you need to ask your mom.” ,and that is what I planned to do. Me and Alec left the pool and went back to the apartment and as we walked through the door my grandmaw could tell I had been crying due to my red, and flushed face. When she asked me what was wrong I just came out and admitted to what I had just found out. When my mom came to pick me up she had already been told that I knew, she picked me up and we…

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