`` Daddy `` By Sylvia Plath Essay

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Sylvia Plath has written many poems that reflect on the horrid Holocaust era, and many people wonder why she chose to put these references in her poems. Her father, Otto Plath, associated himself with the Nazis throughout the Holocaust time period, and she may be referring to this throughout these poems. These poems also reflect the personal struggles of her life. More specifically, Plath’s poem “Daddy” asserts the influences that her personal struggles and her use of vivid Holocaust images have on her writing. Sylvia Plath had many struggles throughout her life relating to her family, and she put these struggles in many of her poems, such as “Daddy.” Isabelle Travis, author of the article “I Have Always Been Scared of You,” discusses just that throughout her writing regarding Plath’s poem “Daddy.” In “Daddy,” Plath says, “[a]t twenty I tried to die/ [a]nd get back, back, back to you” (292). In support of this line from Plath’s poem, Travis states that Plath “successfully mourns” her father’s death, suggesting that Plath struggled with her father’s death and chose to put these sad memories in her poem to cope with his death (281). In line 41 of the poem, Plath says, “I have always been scared of you, [w]ith your Luftwaffe…” (291). Travis supports this by stating:
It is at this point in the poem that the speaker begins to align herself with Jewish victims. Her father cannot (be) recover(ed) from the contamination of Nazism and therefore any identification with him is…

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