Dada Banaspati Case Study

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We visited the industry and interviewed managers of organizations and asked them about the problems faced by the organizations related to Supply Chain. We as a group visited the warehouses of Habib, Meezan and Dalda foods as they are among the leading brands in the market. By interviewing the managers of Meezan and Habib we came to know that the problems in these organizations are not directly related with our field that is supply chain. When we visited Dalda Foods their manager told us that they are currently facing a severe issue regarding the damages of different products while transporting which causes delays in supplies and results in dissatisfaction of the customers and financial loss.
When you hear the name
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Dalda Banaspati, thanks to its taste and its superior promise, has won the hearts of millions of consumers, making it not only a household name in the subcontinent as synonymous with type vanaspati. Dalda in its quest to meet the changing needs of its customers; Entered the segment with the launch of cooking oil oils Dalda. In 1999, Unilever acquired International Technology to evolve Dalda Banaspati to Dalda VTF, making it the only Bansapati-free virtually transgenic Pakistan. In July 2004, Unilever Pakistan sold its brand "Dalda" Westbury Group in collaboration with Unilever Prevision Social Group, which formed a separate company under Dalda Foods (Pvt) Ltd. Dalda Foods (Pvt) Ltd has taken over 60 years of inheritance Dalda combined with continuous innovation and a deep understanding of consumers and maintaining high quality standards make it the industry's leading brand of cooking oils and fats. In a short period of …show more content…
Dalda Banaspati through its promise of superior quality & taste has won the hearts millions of consumers. In 1999 Unilever acquired International Technology to evolve Dalda Banaspati to Dalda VTF, making it the only Virtually Trans-fat Free Bansapati in Pakistan. Within a short span of 4 years Dalda Foods expanded its Brand Portfolio through the launch of Manpasand to meet the needs of the vast middle-income segment. Manpasand Banasapti and Cooking oil was launched at end of year 2005 and has grown to become one of the most formidable players in the

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