Examples Of Manipulation In Gattaca

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The film Gattaca created by Columbia Pictures is a movie featuring DNA manipulation. Gattaca begins with a young boy, who is seen as an invalid because he was not born using DNA manipulation to eliminate any genetic abnormalities. As he grows older he begins to dream of becoming an astronaut, so he can experience the freedom of space. However because of his classification as an invalid, he would never be accepted to such a program. Through the help of a third party individual Vincent, the leading character of Gattaca is able to meet Jerome, a valid who was paralyzed in an accident. With the help of Jerome, Vincent is able to use his DNA to become an employee of Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. After being hired Vincent, masquerading as Jerome was able to advance the ranks and be selected for the next space mission, a trip to Mars. In the world of Gattaca those born using genetic …show more content…
In Gattaca “the genetically modified who represent the privileged, dominant group and the genetically unmodified who represent an oppressed group” (Kirby). This oppressed group in Gattaca is considered lower forms of people, who should stick to jobs that valids deem appropriate for their genetic level, such as janitorial services, instead of having ambitions, as Vincent did. Because employers in Gattaca are testing DNA for qualifications of employment and not background, knowledge or experience in a field for job applicants would cause animosity because of this unfair hiring process. Despite an invalid possibly being more qualified than others, as Vincent was, superior genetics is seen as more useful because those with superior genetics can more quickly learn and perform a task/job better than an invalid who is seen as slower unable to offer as much input, or ideas at a place such as Gattaca Aerospace

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