d1) Assess the possible effects of discrimination on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social health/wellbeing of individuals

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There could be a lack of cooperation and a change of behaviour in the individual as for example; if an hospital user feel discriminated because of its ethnic origin, he might decide not to attend the hospital anymore as he does not feel welcome hence putting his health at risk. The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 Outlines the duty of organisation to promote good relationship between people from different races. Health and social care assistant have the duty to provide equal service to users regardless of their ethnic origin, it is they duty to ensure that the users are provided with the necessary information that will help them to make the right decision.

The possible effects of discrimination on the social health and wellbeing of an individual could be isolation, feeling like a stranger, feeling rejected to build friendship. The individual might withdraw from friends and family. If we take the case of the nursery child left aside by the teacher whilst she take care of the other kids because of his illness will feel reject by his teacher and friend this is often leading to teenager self harming. It will be difficult for him to make friends if he is separated from them during class and might actually be bully.

There should be clear guidelines, code of conducts and legislation in place to protect the right of such individual against discrimination and its consequences that can last once whole life. The Children Act 1989 recognised that the
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