D Day The End Of World War II Essay

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One hundred sixty thousand allied troops looked at the heavily-fortified French coast line. By the time the dust had settled more than 9,000 soldiers were killed or wounded to allow 100,000 soldiers to move across Europe to fight the Nazi army. This event will become to be known as D-Day the start to the end of World War II. World War II was between 1939-194, a war between all of the nations. Over Sixty million people died in battle and/or in concentration camp. It has been said that World War II pulled the world out a Great Depression that swept through Europe. The U.S. was hit too with the depression leaving a decimated economics. Supporters of World War II believe that the war brought the world out of the greatest decimated economics. By revitalised the industrial sector, by making jobs for women, black workers, and many unemployed. However, World War II was the greatest tragedy, and mass murder in the history books with over sixty million people die. But many historians look back and ask was there a way to stop the war. Could the Treaty of Versailles be a factor, along the the world not doing something. (Smithsonian 6-7) As World War I, known as the “The Great War” at the time, come to an end, the Treaty of Versailles was made to bring peace to the world. The treaty called for Germany to accept full responsibility of World War I, leaving Germany with no army, and Germany, with many of the defeated nations, had to pay back all of the physical damage. (teachinhistory.org…

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