D'Bamboo Home and Garden Shop Essay

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D-Bamboo Home and Garden Shop
Marketing for New and Growing Ventures with Nadia Salamat-Ali
By: Andre Ferguson, Candice Lela-Rolingson, Eric Gransaul, Ken Francis Charles, Melissa Pascal

Company Background
❖ Incorporated in 2007 in Chaguanas ❖ Owner:Harry Laurell-Graduate of the The University of the West Indies ❖ Startup capital of $75K ❖ No market research but tacit knowledge ❖ Company know for high quality H&G products ❖ Rising competition began eroding profits

Company Overview The D’Bamboo Home and Garden Shop was incorporated in 2007 by Harry Laurell, fifteen years after graduating from The University of the West Indies. Laurell, the business was totally funded the startup with $75,000.00 which was every cent of his personal
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D-Bamboo currently exist in a somewhat lucrative space, market research will aid in the D-Bamboo being able to properly segment the market and therefore allow for better Targeting and Positioning. Furthermore, market research will allow to D-Bamboo ascertain the area in which ‘market failure’ exist and may allow him to fulfil any unmet needs.

Main Issues (con’t)
❖ Little marketing activity (reluctance & resources) ❖ Serendipitous sales ❖ Encroaching competition

❖ Erosion of VP via imitation ❖ Larger outlets ❖ Possible price war

Promotion - D-Bamboo possesses the ability to capitalise on its existing market but has not engaged in active marketing. Many customers are unaware of the shop’s location which has significantly affected sales revenue. Harry believes that even with a tripled marketing expenditure that sales would only increase optimistically by ten (10) percent. Due to his risk averse nature, Harry is unwilling to engage in promotional activities beyond the initial $750.00. This is an issue, especially for a somewhat new company. Also, due to the emergence of competition, marketing is becoming of even more importance. Competition- Imitation is slowly creeping into the space and as such beginning to slowly eroding D-Bamboo’s value proposition. Rumors of larger companies were beginning to surface and D-Bamboo’s product mix

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