CYPOP 17 Essay

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CYPOP 17: understanding the needs of children and young people who are vulnerable and experiencing poverty and disadvantage;
This assignment has been completed by answering the questions under each sub section.
1. Understand the factors that may impact on the outcomes and life chances of children and young people:
1 Identify the factors that impact on outcomes and life chances for children and young people:
Social and Community Pressures
Health Status
Abuse & Neglect
Violent and/or offending family or personal backgrounds
Race, gender, sexual orientation
2 Explain the critical importance of poverty in affecting outcomes and life chances:
Experiencing poverty does not only affect children and young
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2.1 Analyse how poverty and disadvantage may affect children and young people: To touch on points raised under section 1;
Physical Development – bad housing and over-crowding can effect a child’s or young person’s physical development in terms of growth, particularly over-crowding in beds. Physical activity is restricted due to the increase of illness or disability – up to 25% increase in comparison to a child not living in poverty.
Social and emotional Development – Socially a child or young person can suffer as poverty restricts a child being able to make friends, teasing can occur due to a how a child is dressed and presented. Clothes can smell due to poor living conditions (damp & mould). Behaviour issues such as hyperactivity and impulsivity are also linked to living in poverty, this will affect the ability to make or keep relations with both peers and teachers.
Many children are aware of their parent’s financial situation and worry causing them to suffer increased stress levels, due to the child’s awareness of the burden of financial hardship the child is likely to keep these feelings to him/herself. Mental Health issues such as anxiety and depression are 3 to 4 times more likely to occur when again compared to their peers not suffering from living in poverty. These issues in adult hood can result in difficulties in forming relationships or the need to feel accepted can mean the choice to form “unhealthy” relationship/s.

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