Cypop 1 Essay

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CYPOP 1 * Understand the development and learning of babies and young people

Cross ref CYP 3.1
1.2 Explain how development and learning are inconnected. How and why variations occur in rate and sequence of development and learning. That learning may take place in different ways. The importance of play.
Development and learning are interconnected as first a child has to learn a new skill and will then go on to develop this before moving on to learn a new skill and create a pattern of learning. An example of this would be a child feeding themselves, when first weening a care giver will feed the child, offering encouragement for them to open their mouth. The child will identify the pattern that they open their mouths and food is
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Prior to pregnancy parents are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet to enable where possible, the mother’s egg and fathers sperm be in their best possible condition prior to conception. During pregnancy a women should eat a well-balanced diet, in the early stages eating foods high in folic acid, such as oranges and dark green vegetables as this helps protect the foetus before the placenta develops. Eating food rich in iron will prevent anaemia and make sure the baby has enough oxygen, sometimes this has to be supplemented with tablets or in severe cases injections. Pregnant mothers should avoid foods which carry the risk of salmonella such as raw eggs, raw meat, pre packed foods, blue vein cheese and pate.
Post birth, water intake should be increased to replace water lost during milk production. A healthy diet is recommended for breast feeding mothers although they need to be mindful that what they eat will be passed onto their baby. Foods high in mercury should be avoided.

1.4 Explain the impact of current research into the development and learning of babies and young children.
Most of the research into learning of babies and young children centres around the brains development. Neouroscientists believe a baby’s brain begins to develop pre-birth and at birth contains millions of nerve cells, or neurons and these continue to grow at an increased rate within the first twelve months of life, this is also refered to as

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