Cyp Core 3.2 – Promote Child and Young Person Development Essay

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CYP Core 3.2 – Promote child and young person development

1.1 Explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development
• Confidentiality and when, for the safety of the child or young person confidentiality must be breached.
• Children’s wishes and feelings
• Ethnic, linguistic and cultural background
• Disability or specific requirements (Additional needs)
• Reliability of information
• Avoiding bias

When assessing a child you must be careful to take into account confidentiality before carrying out an observation you must have parents and the settings permission and not to leave confidential material lying around they must be secured in a locked cabinet. Only talk to authorized personal about
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Therefor in my setting I make sure i produce indiviual learning plans so that I can make sure activities done in my setting are age and stage appropriate for each individual aspect of development. I.E using a babies shape sorter to teach one of my 3 year old mindees to say the names of shapes would not work as the activity would be too easy for the childs intellectual ability although it would promote their language.
It effects practice as when planning is done to meet a childs individual needs it is done based on their holistic development and so observations on each aspect of development (physical development, personal, social, emotional development, communication and language, literature, maths, art and design) and on their development as a whole are all concidered before hand. forexample it would be no good planning a large team p.e activity to promote a 2 year olds phyical skills, as they have not got the social skills to play co operativly at this age.

2.3 Explain the importance of a child centred and inclusive approach and give examples of how this is implemented in own work

The importance of a person centred and inclusive approach is i am looking at the individual child and the needs of that child. Some settings

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