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4.1 Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people’s development.


Parent Involvement
The parents/carers know the children best it may be there is a problem or it may be that a child learns something at home that is relevant to their development for example tying their shoes, riding their bike or writing their name. In the environment where I work the parents are welcomed into the classroom for the first 15 minutes of the day to complete activities set out at their child’s table. I feel this gives the parents an opportunity to speak to staff, look at the displays and support their children in their school environment. We also hold an afternoon once a week where the parents come into the school to
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In the environment I work the classroom is set out in a way that the children can access everything, there are a few boxes of construction we keep out of the reach of children and this is so we can chose these for them and rotate them so they always have something different to play with helping to grab their attention. Other than that everything else is at their level so they can access all the different areas of the environment.
Policies and procedures
Policies and procedures are in place so that our setting follows current legislative requirements. The policies and procedures are updated on a regular basis. We also have risk assessments that are updates yearly or when required. Some examples or policies in my setting are health and safety, administering medicines, child protection, and bullying, safeguarding, confidentiality.
Appropriate risk
Appropriate risk in my setting is where children are encouraged to climb on the equipment and discover for themselves how safe and evaluate the risk for themselves. With supervision the children in my environment are encouraged to climb the climbing wall, some need more support than others and as they learn they require less and less support.
Good role models
By being a good role model you can show the children how they are expected to behave and show them what is expected of them. Children will look up to you and copy your behaviour so in the environment I work I show the children

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