Cybercrime : The Easy Way For Commit A Crime Essay

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Cybercrime: The Easy Way to Commit a Crime
Cybercriminals are able to commit detrimentals crimes with a click of a few buttons. Cybercrime is the “unauthorized use or disruption of computer files...the theft of an electronic identity...the use of a computer to facilitate or carry out a traditional crime (Engdahl 100).” According to the author of the article “Cybersecurity,” cyber attacks are becoming more and more common. Now that all important or personal documents, including secret government documents are electronic, they often are protected by firewalls are complicated encryption codes. Though these technological advances are great to protect information and keep people safe, it has also become a problem since there are many intelligent people who specialize in breaking these encryption codes and stealing this important information. In effect, everything digitized is actually not safe. Technology has a negative effect on the safety and security of citizens, mostly those who use computers, of the United States. Crimes, or more specifically, cybercrimes, such as cyberterrorism, privacy violations and identity theft are now threats to anyone who has digital accounts. All of these are forms of hacking, and they vary from crime to crime. Even government databases have been a target for many hackers. If the government databases, which are protected with the best kind of technology there is, are being attacked, then common civilian digital accounts and files are not secure…

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