Cyberbullying : The Side Effects Of Bullying Essay

1911 Words Oct 21st, 2015 8 Pages
I have gone through this experience, personally with my other peers who have tried to cyberbully me. On top of this experience I grew to become a leader of the anti-bully club and co founder of Break the Silence. I have helped others overcome the side effects of bullying, and to stop it. In Washington’s research he stated that “Bullying has occurred in elementary, middle, and high school and higher education and has caused individuals to be uncomfortable in the school environment and suffer from anxiety and depression, and ultimately some individuals have quit their job or committed suicide to avoid being bullied”(1). The question is what is cyberbullying, who all can be effected by this. Cyberbullying can give a victim the side effects of anxiety, depression and suicide, yet not many students know what causes cyberbullying. For example, bullying came in generally five different ways such as being picked on due to their race and religion, looks and speech, hit, slapped and pushed, subject to rumors and also subject of sexual comments or gestures. 17% of students reported being bullied, with 19% of students report bulling others, with the ending result of 6% of students reporting they have been bullied and had bullied other peers (Kowalski 19). Kowalski has found that in the US roughly about 13.7 million students have been physically abused and 15.7 million were emotional abused and teased each year in the US (19). Cyberbullying is just a little different than the…

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