Bullying: The Most Common Types Of Cyberbullying

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Someone who repeatedly uses superior strength or sociability to intimidate or influence someone else usually into doing what they want. “Over 3.2 million school students are victims of bullying every year and about 160,000 skip school every day because of bullying” (Cohn). Many people do not realize what it is like to be bullied, so they take it lightly instead of trying to stop the problem. They are not aware of the different types or how bullying can affect someone 's life. The most common types of bullying are physical, verbal, social, sexual, prejudicial, and cyberbullying; all of these cause the worst to happen.

First, physical bullying is the most violent form of bullying. It consist of using harmful, physical actions to manipulate or gain
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Cyberbullying is when the bully uses technology to harass and embarrass someone else. It is very common. Since the bullying is taking place online, the bully can hide their identity and are least likely to be caught. Cyber Bullying occurs online, so it can not be erased and stays on the internet for many to go back and look at. Often, if a bully can not say something to someone’s face; they result to cyberbullying so that they still get the power that they desire. Posting mean images, sending hurtful messages, and threatening someone else online is considered cyberbullying. Bullies at school may not be able to bully someone at home, so bullies turn to cyberbullying in order to pick on their victims at their own home. A victim of cyberbullying says “I got messages from people telling me to kill myself and saying that the world would be a better place without me” (Farzaneh). Usually, teenagers that get these messages believe them, but others realize that the bullies are wrong. In many cases of cyberbullying, the cyberbully is never found, but in other cases; laws are passed to prevent the terrible events from happening

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