Cyberbullying: The Cause And Effect Of Bullying

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To inform the audience about cause and effectof bullying and how to prevent it It all started with a joke, a joke that turns out to be a serious matter, a matter that hits someone’s emotion and results to a bullying. I am Charlene L. Quirol and I am going discuss what is bullying, its cause and effect, and how to prevent it. Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior of a child or an adult. Bullying can have permanent impressions on the bully, and most especially to the bullied or the victim as well. The bullies use their physical strength, popularity and some information against their victim to show that they are powerful and cannot be beaten easily. Bullying generate pleasure to the bullies and a nightmare to the victims.
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Verbal bullying involves teasing, mocking, inappropriate sexual comments, name-calling like fat, liar, ugly, stupid, foolish, etc. Physical bullying involves kicking, hitting, pinching, shoving, spitting, etc. Social bullying involves leaving a child feeling unwanted for a purpose, making untrue story and whispering something about the childin front of him or her, and embarrassing the child in front of the public and not allowing some children to play or to be friendly with him or her. Cyber bullying is very common in social medias. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and many other social networking sites experience this. The bully uses the internet to embarrass their target like posing inappropriate pictures, making online threats, sending hurtful message through emails. The victims of cyber bullying are teens of diverse of ages. They tend to hide behind the computer screens, thinking that they can do whatever they want, say whatever they want to say because they thought that no one would be able to catch them. According to the 2015 survey by child-care nonprofit Stairway foundation Inc. eighty percent of teenagers aged 13 to 16 have been cyberbullied.Some of the victims received death threats and hurtful

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