Cyberbullying : Social Media And It Causes Depression Essay examples

732 Words Apr 7th, 2016 3 Pages
Cyberbullying is well linked to social media and it causes depression in teenagers, according to the new research that analyzes multiple studies of online phenomenon. Victimization of children on social media has experienced a high level of examination, especially after a series of high- profile suicides of people who were bullied on several social networking accounts. Social media is very common with young adults and children. It is highly common and known that depressed teenagers are more likely to become targets of bullying than the more popular people. The research proved that if the teen was experiencing excessive amounts of cyberbullying over anything else then their depression symptoms will be more severe. The problem is that kids are way more hesitant and they do not tell anyone about them being bullied by someone. (Pappas). Cyberbullying seems like it would be the easiest to stop, but it is not. I sometimes wonder why do the victims not just turn off the computer, or delete their account. I think the issue with cyberbullying has a lot to do with kids at school. I plan on being a teacher, and bullying is one of my biggest fears. I can not stand to see someone being put down or feeling belittle. These issues have caused several problems over the years. It has not only caused several suicides, but it has also caused humiliation. I think it only takes one person to truly make a stand and try to stop this. Teenagers biggest addiction is social media, and it is constantly…

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