Cyberbullying Research Papers

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Rebecca Ann Sedwick was a 12 year old girl who was diligent in her studies and stayed out of trouble. Like much young teens, she used her cellphone and online sites to communicate and socialize—this was her world. However, according to the New York Times, “inside her phone’s virtual world, she had changed her user name on Kik Messenger, a cellphone application, to “That Dead Girl” and delivered a message to two friends, saying goodbye forever. On September 8th, 2013, instead of walking to school in the morning she took a detour and climbed a platform at an abandoned cement plant near her home in the Central Florida city of Lakeland and leaped to her death” (Alvarez, NY Times). Rebecca had endured cyberbullying for more than a year. Cyberbullying …show more content…
With cyberbullying, bullies are provided with a tool that keeps growing larger, a tool that supplies ongoing creative ways to reach their victims. For example, new social sites continue to pop up, more photo and video apps are being developed every month, even simple typed messages are evolving into more complex yet easy to use ways of online communication. If the traditional style were like a single blade pocket knife the cyber style is the Swiss multi blade with tools that never seem to end. With this in mind, it is easy to see that cyberbullying will be more prevalent in time since it is attached to something that is always developing. On the other hand, even though traditional bullying has more prevalence at the current time, a study concluded that, “cyber bullying victims exhibited higher rates of depression regardless of frequency” (Uhls) Secondly, I agree that there is much harm in the traditional style but the cyber style proves to be more harmful due to anonymity it offers, the overall scope of abuse, and its inescapable nature. With the traditional style, bullies that abuse their victims have the risk of landing themselves in trouble due to multiple eyes watching them in the act. The cyber style, however, offers

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