Cyberbullying Is Prevalent Among Social Media Used By Adolescents

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Cyberbullying. Richards et. al. (2015) indicates that cyberbullying is prevalent among social media used by adolescents. Cyberbullying is the deliberate use of technology to communicate false, embarrassing and hostile information about someone (Zhang et. al., 2014). The effects of cyberbullying can be suicide, anxiety and depression. Two studies conducted in Australia and Singapore linked excessive internet use and cyberbullying to suicide (Richards et. al ,2015; O 'Keeffe& Clarke-Pearson,2011). According to Lewis, et. al (2015) study youth with depression are easy targets for bullying. Bullying has evolved from issues that occur at school to issues happening everywhere. Lewis et. al (2015) study stated that the youths in today’s society are not able to leave issues at school, the youth wakes up and go to bed with unwanted messages. Cyberbullying has developed because many individuals learn to express their selves on social platforms and cannot determine real and appropriate events from superficial ones. People may disagree with thoughts and expressions and make an attempt to intimidate others to change their belief or thoughts (Zhang et. al., 2014). Cyberbullying is contributed to the lack of family engagement and monitoring. It is believed that individuals that are monitored will open up and expose the individuals who are bullying them ().
Depression. Depression may derive from social media. Social media depression is also referred to as Facebook depression (O ' Keeffe, &…

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