Essay on Cyberbullying Is More Detrimental Than Traditional Bullying

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“The research of Kowalski and Limber (2007) indicated that of the 3,767 sixth-eighth graders from the southeast and northwest United States that participated in their study, 11% reported having been cyberbullied...One third of American teens were bombarded with cyberbullying” (Yang, Lin and Chen 526). This is only a tiny part of their study and from the article it becomes clearer that 11% and one-third of the Southeast and Northwestern part of the United States have been Cyberbullied. This research is for sixth-eighth grade students, not including elementary and high school students. The research is a fraction of the growing body of research for cyberbullying, which leave many to question if cyberbullying is more detrimental than traditional bullying. Due to the fact that technology has and continues to advance, cyberbullying is more detrimental than traditional bullying. In the article, “Cyberbullying: The stakes have never been higher for students-or schools” the article talks about how a girl named Phoebe Prince was bullied to the point of suicide. Prince was a student at South Hadley HIgh School, who reportedly dated boys that others thought to be “off limits.” As if being bullied at school in front of her peers is horrible enough, having it follow her home on facebook (Holladay 4) and other social media is a nightmare that no one wants to encounter. With social media growing bigger and bigger as the months go by, bullying can literally follow someone everywhere…

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