Cyberbullying Is A Unique Form Of Bullying Essay

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As technology gets better and better by time it is becoming harder for teachers, parents, and peers to control cyberbullying. Many think the better the technology is the better life will be, Yet few believe that it 's a big risk to play a part in social media. As Technology enhances many problems arise. One of the major ones is cyberbullying (Patchin, 215). The author notes, “Cyberbullying is a unique form of bullying that has gained a significant amount of attention in recent years”(Patchin, 215), with that said the author is trying to let his readers comprehend that cyberbullying has not been noticed until the recent years. There are many ways to cyber bully but the, “Minor forms of cyberbullying include being ignored, disrespected picked on or otherwise hassled. The more debasing form involve the spreading of rumors about someone < stalking, or physically threatening another person though some medium or method of electronic communication.(Hinduja, 208)” Therefore, cyberbullying could go as far as posting rumors or gossips on the internet and bringing up the thought of hatred towards victims in others minds. To prevent this bully victims need to hang with the right people and think before they do or say anything that could turn their friends against them.

Cyberbullying is a way to hurt others whether it 's for revenge or for your own pleasure. Bullying is when you intentionally hurt or disturb someone repeatedly (Yang, 1) The author has explained that bullies think that…

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