Essay on Cyberbullying Is A Serious Problem

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Cyberbullying is characterized as the demonstration of purposefully harassing, tormenting, threatening, mortifying, humiliating, or generally stalking somebody by utilizing the web, for example, online networking, email, texting, or through instant messages or pictures through cell phones. About 20–40% of all youths have been cyberbullied at least once in their lives (Tokunaga, 2010, p.277). Despite the fact that there is no physical violence involved in cyberbullying, research shown that verbal and psychological bullying may have more serious and harmful long lasting effect. (Butler, Campbell, Spears, Slee, Butler, & Kift, 2012, p.390). Cyberbullying is an extremely serious problem; a problem in which has led to many suicide. Cyberbullying should be criminalization because it damages victim emotionally, mentally and causes death.

One of the many negative outcomes associated with cyberbullying are suicides. There are many cases that have linked a young person’s suicide death to cyberbullying. In October 2012, 15-year-old Amanda Todd committed suicide after a man posted a photograph of her exposing her breasts on the web. The photograph began circulating, resulting in her being cyberbullied repeatedly. This is one of the many tragedies that is connected to cyberbullying. Of course, many will probably disagree on the grounds that each individual is still responsible for their own actions. However, there are youth everyday debating, attempting or have died as the result of…

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