Essay on Cyberbullying Is A Growing Problem

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Cyberbullying cause of Death Cyberbullying is a growing problem. With the introduction of social media websites such as Facebook, the speed at which people can communicate is virtually instantaneous. As such, the speed at which people can insult each other is again, virtually instant. I have gone through this experience personally with peers who have cyberbullied me. In addition, I grew to become a leader of the anti-bully club and co founder of “Break the Silence,” which helps others overcome the side effects of bullying and stop it. In E.T. Washington’s research for “An Overview of Cyberbullying in Higher Education” he states,
…bullying has occurred in elementary, middle, and high school and higher education and has caused individuals to be uncomfortable in the school environment and suffer from anxiety and depression, and ultimately some individuals have quit their job or committed suicide to avoid being bullied. Anyone can become a victim of cyberbullying. The speed at which social interactions occur today via the internet is a large contributor to this. But before we can fix this, we must first understand the difference between traditional physical bullying and cyberbullying, what are the effects and how it worsens through school levels.
Traditional Physical Bullying Traditional physical bullying generally comes in five different ways, being picked on due to race, religion, looks or speech, hit, slapped and pushed, subject to rumors and sexual

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