Essay about Cyberbullying Is A Form Of Bullying

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Cyberbullying is a form of bullying done online through social networking sites, emails, or other form of online communication. When bullying someone online a person may use mean or offensive language to another person that results in feelings getting hurt. This act is common among teens and youths that communicate with each other online. It is an act that is growing in activity with mixed results. Some have been so hurt by comments made to them by their peers they resort to hurting themselves or taking their own life. What can be done about cyberbullying and can it be avoided? Cyberbullying can start on or offline. You may know someone who is a bully in person and continues to treat people unfairly online. People who are jealous, insecure or just plain mean may tease, down talk, or be pushy online. Many people feel this is completely immature and senseless. It may seem easy enough to sit behind a computer and type insults and think it will not have an effect on anyone. People who are sensitive can have their feelings hurt very easily, at the same time you are not capable of knowing how they will take such teasing personally. There are adults that engage in cyberbullying and just like when teens do it, the consequences can be just as harsh. There are people who lose their jobs or decide to disassociate themselves with people who engage in such behavior. Technology has the ability to record or recall situations that include cyberbullying and many of them have become part of…

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