Cyberbullying, By Ryan Lambie Goes Over The Movie `` Unfriended `` And Gives Insight Into What Some People

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Through the years the internet has played a key part in all of our lives it has brought not only good, but bad. In one of the many articles I read Ryan Lambie goes over the movie "Unfriended" and gives insight into what some people believe about the movie and cyberbullying, the following quote intrigued me:
"The web can keep us connected to people tens, hundreds, even thousands of miles away. But without physical contact, without the age-old thing of sitting across the table from a friend in a coffee shop, we 're still disconnected in a very real way. Our bodies are sitting in one place, but are minds have gone elsewhere, lost in the tunnels of Twitter, Facebook or Skype (Lambie)."
I find his view to be very correct: we tend to use the internet for little more than streaming movies and scrolling through social media sites, but the worst of it all is humans tend to use it to bully and degrade others and they tend to have little to no sight of what it really does to their victim. Personally, I was not allowed (by my parents) to have any form of social media until my sophomore year of high school. With being bullied heavily during the school day it made perfect since to me to not have a social media account: that was though until a great deal of my friends graduated high school and I had no way of staying in touch with them, which let my parent to believe that it was time for me to have one if I would like. Not only did I have some problems with…

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