Cyberbullying : Bullying That Takes Place Using Electronic Technology

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Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Many people may be bullied or cyberbullied during any point in their lives. Cyberbullying causes many tragic effects such as: psychological, emotional, and physical stress. People may cyberbully and/or bully someone else for many reasons including, they want to be popular, to feel powerful, or even to help them cope with their low self-esteem. Cyberbullying is a major problem in today’s society and should be ended. Cyberbullying is classified as when a child, preteen, or teen is humiliated, harassed, tormented, or targeted by another child using technology. Cyberbullying can take many forms such as: sending messages or threats to a persons email or cell phone, spreading rumors online or through text messages, or pretending to be someone else online to hurt someone. In order for it to be considered cyberbullying, it has to have a minor on both sides. Many children have killed or injured themselves and/or each other after being involved in a cyberbullying incident. Cyberbullying is not a one time thing, unless it consists of death threats or threats of harm (“What Is Cyberbullying”). Most cyberbullies think bullying someone online is comic and entertaining. Many believe if they use a fake name they will not get caught, but most of the time they are tracked down and have to pay their consequences. In today’s society, people, especially children, have to be careful what they post on the internet because it…

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