Cyberbullying : Bullying And Bullying Essay

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One type of bullying that has grown of the last decade is cyberbullying. As technology has grown it has allowed for the ways and places that bullying take place to expand too. A child use to think that going home they would be safe and that the bullying could not follow them home. This is no longer the case; students can no longer stay home from school to get away from it as if they go online their bully or another one can find them. The movie Cyberbully which came out in 2011taught me the most about how bad cyberbullying really is. Bullying was taking place at school, in public, and through the internet. The girl in the story could not get it to stop and as a result tried to kill herself. I think that cyberbullying seems so easy to people as you can remain anonymous; create a fake account or you can be right out about who you are and still people tend not to stop you from what you are doing. This type of bullying tends to happen more in the teenage years but it can also happen with adults. Sometimes it is even adults bullying teenagers or vice versa because no one is stepping up and stopping them. Cyberbullying has many different “sides” or “faces”, it can be sending hurtful messages or images, threatening, posting things that are false to get others hating/talking about the person, making threats online publicly or privately through messages, it can also be telling them you hope they kill themselves and that they should die, and much more which I’m sure is not common but…

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