Cyberbullying And Traditional Bullying : Cyberbullying Essay

1345 Words Jun 20th, 2015 null Page
Taylor Hillridge logs onto her Cliquester. Someone has hacked her profile and posts a derogatory message about her. The whole thing spirals out of controls, and she eventually tries to kill herself by taking pills. It is crazy that people do not realize what words can do to someone. When someone post insulting things, or says things that are hurtful on a social media, such as twitter, facebook, instagram, etc is cyberbullying. Everyday, thousands of people are cyberbullied, and most are adolescents. At a young age, I realized when I called someone stupid, or ugly over the internet on Facebook or twitter, I was actually bullying someone. Many people do not realize that cyberbullying can affect an adolescent mentally and physically. Any child that has witnessed cyberbullying knows it is no joke. As you read through my paper I will talk about the differences between cyberbullying and traditional bullying, what pushes someone to cyberbully, and how cyberbullying affects the one targeted. While reading this paper, put yourself in their shoes. Imagine cyberbullying someone, and being cyberbullied. People only think being punched or slapped hurts, but little do people realize words can hurt too. The two most common types of bullying are traditional bullying and cyberbully. Many people do not know the difference. Traditional bullying is when someone is face to face with someone, or hurts someone physically or mentally in person. Cyberbullying is a little different regarding that…

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