Cyberbullying And Traditional Bullying And Bullying Essay

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situations. The sense of vulnerability, caused by either lack of parental supervision or the nature of cyberbullying, can be linked to traditional bullying through the victim’s experience of ‘helplessness’ (Grigg, 2010). This ‘helplessness’ is related to the victim not being able to protect him or herself. As a result, this can cause an imbalance of power and they are vulnerable to an attack.
The majority of cyberbullying incidents are an extension of the face-to-face bullying (Snakenborg, Van Acker, & Gable, 2011). Cyberbullying and traditional bullying seem to go hand-in-hand and tend to be directed toward the same victims (Juvonen & Gross, 2008). Seiler and Navarro (2014) found that the general use of digital media did not predict cyberbullying, but the way in which it was being used was a predictor. Children who participated in risky online activities were more likely to be bullied both online and offline than children who did not participate in this way (Seiler & Navarro, 2014). This vulnerability increases due to a large number of victims not knowing the bully. Cyberbullying takes place when children are vulnerable. This vulnerability can occur when parents are not present or involved in their adolescent’s electronic communications (Mason, 2008).
Cyberbullying Mediums
With the current increase in digital media usage, more opportunity exists for the occurrence of cyberbullying (Seiler & Navarro, 2014). Cyberbullying differs from traditional bullying in the fact that…

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