Cyberbullying And The Internet Or Social Media? Essay

1598 Words Jan 4th, 2016 7 Pages
What comes to mind when you think of cyberbullying? Thoughts running through your mind wondering how many people have been bullied through the internet or social media? Looking back at the past in middle school there was one girl in particular, no one knew her well because it was her first year there. She was the main target of being cyberbullied. No one knew if she was going to pay attention but little did they know she would. She was picked on for not being as cool as the other girls. Her face was put onto many animals as you could think of, the two mean girls thought it would be a funny idea of putting it online for everyone to have a good laugh. The next day all you could hear was people laughing at this poor innocent girl who did nothing wrong. Thinking back and remembering made me wonder is there something that could have been done differently to stop this from happening. In the end the two girls did not end up getting in trouble they were just simply free to go. Cyberbullying is a big issue and is something that needs to be known that it is also a social issue and that the perpetrators should be stopped. I believe that cyberbullying is a big issue that is causing innocent people to take their own lives, and should be punishments for the perpetrators due to the fact that they are the bullies. The outcomes of those that are being cyber bullied can lead to suicide, as well as depression because they are the main target of this. “ 41 percent of the teens have said…

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