Cyberbullying And The First Amendment

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In 2016, according to nearly 1.96 billion people are on social media - nearly 75% of the US population. But according to, 34% of students have acknowledged that they have been a victim of cyberbullying. With those large numbers, many people may ask what is cyberbullying, what are the different types of cyberbullying, what effects does it has on people and lastly how can it be stopped. But some people believe that cyberbullies have the right to free speech under the First Amendment. With that being the case the cyberbully can get away with it without getting any trouble. Cyberbully’s shouldn 't be hiding behind the First Amendment and what they should do, they should be punished and be heavily monitored. What is …show more content…
The reason their actions fall under their First Amendment rights, and that gives people the freedom of speech. What this means is they can say anything and pretty much get away with. Many people believe that the first amendment needs to be changed or reworked when it comes to this type of case. According to the New York Post “Bullies hiding behind computer screens now have the First Amendment to protect them.The state’s highest court on Tuesday struck down an Albany County law that criminalized cyberbullying, crimping government efforts to crack down on electronic harassment. In a 5-2 ruling, the Court of Appeals ruled that the local law was “overbroad” and trampled free-speech rights of online tormentors.” Some people believe these bullies should be punished for the for their actions. This particular case involved a homosexual young man being terrorized for his sexual preferences. The New York Post reported that “The prosecutor in the case has also said that he will investigate bringing bias charges, based on Mr. Clementi’s [the bully’s] sexual orientation, which could raise the punishment to 10 years in prison from 5. But the case has stirred passionate anger, and many have called for tougher charges, like manslaughter — just as outrage led to similar calls against the six students accused of bullying Phoebe Prince, a student in South Hadley, Mass., who also committed suicide earlier this year.”
Cyberbullying does not only happen online it takes a toll on most students at there school. More and More school are setting up programs to stop cyberbullying from happening at there schools. According to the New York Times “Often, school district discipline codes say little about educators’ authority over student cellphones, home computers and off-campus

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