Cyberbullying And Its Effects On Society Essay

1284 Words Nov 28th, 2014 6 Pages
Even though little advancement has been made through anti-cyberbullying laws, websites, and programs, the progress that has been made proves there is still a chance of stopping cyberbullying. Bullying has been around for centuries and only recently in the past few decades has there been cyberbullying. Harassment online or through texting has created a new of genre of issues that the world must face. The effects cyberbullying inflicts on so many are so devastating that an entire world movement washed over most of the people to end the uprising atrocity. Sadly, this was not enough. Thankfully, there are symptoms that can help determine when somebody is currently a victim of cyberbullying. This way there are methods of help that can be issued through programs and places such as institutions like school. There is yet hope in the ongoing struggle.
Cyberbullying is any form of harassment through online websites, social Medias, or devices like phones. Harassment involves the continuous badgering, of someone with offensive, insulting, and/or threatening messages through instant messaging, e-mail, or cell phone texting (Parks 12). Although they are made out to be animals and come off as naturally mean people as well, they are usually caring; they just have difficulty expressing themselves or do not feel as good about their own self-images as those they bully do. Sometimes the bully is even jealous of the victim (Brown 17). Be that as it may it is still no excuse. It is now a grave…

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