Essay about Cyberbullying And Its Effects On Society

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September 2010, Tyler Clementi committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge, due to cyberbullying. Clementi’s roommate recorded Clementi’s encounter with another male, and posted it publicly, thus causing his death. Cyberbullying is bullying online or over social media. Cyberbullying has been affecting people for a very long time, but in the last couple years, there has been so much more of it happening. Cyberbullying is an issue in most schools and is a huge deal because it can be/is happening to a lot of people around the world. Cyberbullying can be classified as many different things, such as: threats, sexual harassment, spreading lies or rumors, impersonating other people, posting unnecessary photos of that person on social media for all to see and developing their confidence up so they trust you then they can turn away and use your feeling against you. Cyberbullying is very harmful, not only to the victim, but also the victim 's family, friends, or the one who is doing the bullying, and the consequences that come with it. There are many deaths due to cyberbullying. But when they do happen, that’s when people care about that person, that’s when they finally say how they feel about them, like how good of a person they were (Prosecuting Cyber Bullies). Don’t you think that they should have said that before they were gone? I personally think if anyone cyberbullies anyone to the point of their death, they should get some of the blame for it. Because if they did it to…

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