Essay about Cyberbullying And Its Effects On Children

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With the rise of texting, emailing, chatrooms, and social media, there has also been the rise of cyberbullying. Some are calling it an epidemic among children because it appears that no one is safe from it because of the fact that our entire lives seem to revolve around the very media that is responsible for cyberbullying. Now, it is widely understood that media itself isn’t bullying people, but rather that people are using media to harass and heckle other people by hiding behind a screen and a username. To quote Mesch (388), “cyberbullying has been defined as willful a repeated harm inflicted through the use of e-mail, cell phone, instant messaging, and defamatory Web sites.” Part of the reason that the problem is so severe is due to the amount of time and usage that children and teens are putting into media. A 2007 survey found that 87% of youth use e-mail, 68% instant message, and 18% use chatrooms (Mesch 387). According to Hinduja and Patchin, 20.8% of youth aged 10 to 18 have been cyberbullied, and 7.5% have been cyberbullied in the past 30 days. Age and gender also have an impact, as “the risk of being bullied is higher for older adolescents and lower for younger adolescents … a higher percentage of boys are involved in conversations in chat rooms, and girls are more involved in e-mail communication” (Mesch 389). Many parents and organizations are at work trying to stop cyberbullying, and there have been studies on the effectiveness of various types of parental…

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