Cyberbullying And Developing Models And Theories Of Conceptualizing This Phenomenon

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When discussing the phenomenon of cyberbullying and developing models and theories of conceptualizing this phenomenon and its pertinent concepts, researchers have primarily centered their arguments and ideologies on the effects of cyberbullying. It is doubtless that all the claims and philosophies developed previously by these researchers collectively associate cyberbullying with adverse consequence for its victims. Indeed, this is the prominent pattern in a majority of the scholarly literature recently studied. However, it is apparent that some elements of cyberbullying have received little attention from these researchers, yet they borrow indispensable ideas from these elements in explaining the effects of cyberbullying. In this review-based synthesis essay, various scholarly sources are scrutinized to address five areas of cyberbullying. The examination is deemed to assist in developing an in-depth comprehension of the cyberbullying phenomenon from a multidimensional perspective rather than on the perspective of its effects or consequences.
Cyberbullying vs. Face-to-face Bullying
Several characteristic factors demarcate the inherent features and factors that distinguish cyberbullying from face-to-face or traditional bullying. The use of technology and its associated implements constitute one of the most significant features that distinguish cyberbullying from traditional bullying. In a study examining cyberbullying effects on the emotional health and…

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