Essay on Cyberbullying : An Analysis On The Internet 's Newest Threat

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Cyberbullying: An Analysis on the Internet’s Newest Threat The issue of cyberbullying has been a prevalent topic that has been at the forefront of many discussions since the birth of the internet. Multiple media sources have covered it and attempted to help troubled parents protect their children’s online experience. “It’s Time to Stop the Cyberbullying Epidemic” by Dr. Phil McGraw and “Confronting Cyberbullying” by Peter Levy are some examples. In his article for The Huffington Post, Dr. Phil attempts to empathize with parents in order to convey his methods to stop cyberbullying. Phil Levy’s article in THE Journal carries the same message of cyberbullying and how to prevent it, but he presents his to a different audience with a more thorough way to solve it. Dr. Phil and Peter Levy’s articles are similar in regards to the message they present. They do differ, however, in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the articles attempt to reach out to different audiences. In “Time to Stop”, Dr. Phil attempts to relate with parents of children whose ages could range from twelve to eighteen. While in “Confronting Cyberbullying”, Peter attempts reach out to educators or educative administrators. Another way in which the two articles differ is in the way that they support their information. Dr. Phil mainly relies on his credibility and popularity that he has garnered from his television show: Dr. Phil. Peter, however, supports his article with the notion that readers will accept…

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