Cyber War : The Lack Of Responsibility Of The American Public Or The Us Government

781 Words Sep 15th, 2015 4 Pages
This observation aimed to understand the possibility of a cyber war through the lack of responsibility of the American public or the US Government. A survey created, and post on social media, containing basic questions about cyber responsibility and the expectations of the US Government protecting against cyber threats. The survey concluded 33% of the respondents feel that the US Government should be protecting the American citizens from cyber threats. However, 50% use their personal server or computer for taking care of work associated information; and 88% use their personal computers to take care of financial business. This survey also concluded that 83% of the respondents feel that their virus protection is fully capable of keeping their information and their equipment safe. The threat of cyber-attacks from national governments outside of the US is happening now. The lack of information or concern from the American public may potentially be the leading element that assists the weakening of this country. World War III: The Cyber War generates the thoughts that a cyber war is a current threat because and requires seriousness. The technology is limited against the American Government’s infrastructures. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to break the commitment and the resources. The achievement is succeeding by undermining the core of the country through the lack of belief that a cyber war is a possible threat. World War III: The Cyber War Even though…

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