Cyber Terror And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Cyber is an adjective defined as “of, relating to, or involving computers or computer networks,” and terror is a noun defined as “a very strong feeling of fear” or “something that causes very strong feelings of fear: something that is terrifying,” (, 2015). One can logically conclude that cyber-terror is a form of fear involving computers. As technology continues to evolve and everyday life becomes more dependent on technology, terms like cyber-terror and cybercrimes become further intergraded in our vernacular thus our understanding of those terms and what they mean to ordinary citizens must be developed with it. The issues of, both surrounding and created by, cybercrime and cyber-terror have and will continue to reach all aspects of the modern community.
There are several issues that plague the criminal justice system that hinder the progression in combating cybercrime. One issue is determining who has jurisdiction over the incident. There are several factors to consider when assigning jurisdiction, such as which branch of law does the case fall into: civil or criminal and if criminal, does it fall into state or federal courts? This pertains to the details of the incident such as the grade of offence or geographical location in which the offence was committed as well as the location of the intended target, (Shinder, 2011). Once the details of the case are understood and categorized, only then can the case proceed further in the criminal justice system.…

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