Cyber Stalking Essay

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With the new technologies available in society today, it was just a matter of time before that technology would be used to commit crimes. Internet and networking are common terms in today’s society; some use it for business, to communicate with family and friends or to even find a date, but for some it is a new way to commit crimes and it has become a field of study in itself. Cyber criminals rely on the internet to commit their crimes and as technology changes it only stands to reason that the nature of cybercrimes will change with it. Anyone can be anyone or anything they want to be when they are online as the majority of it is anonymous as people can hide behind any screen name and can make up identities as they see fit or that will …show more content…
adults” (Vakhitova, Reynald & Townsley, 2016 p. 170 para.2) will experience some type of cyber stalking once in their lives and “more than 70% witnessed someone else being subjected to it” (Vakhitova, Reynald & Townsley, 2016 p. 170 para.2). Cyber stalking can resemble stalking in the real world because it involves the pursuit of the person that is being stalked, the victim is harassed and the stalkers contact the victim in “unsolicited fashion initially via the Internet and e-mail” (NIJ, 2007 para. 3). A lot of the times those that commit cyber stalking crimes against another person are bitter exes, who are trying to get back at the other because of a bad break up or those that feel they need to get revenge on another person, a co- worker who is upset over a work related issue, or even someone who is on a power trip and use stalking to boost their own ego. Online stalking unfortunately is made somewhat easy to get away with due to the “anonymity of the Internet allows the cyber stalker to easily conceal one’s identity” (Pittaro, 2007 p.185) because they can create multiple accounts online to use in order to send emails or create multiple screen names in order to post on social media sites. Due to the fact that cyber stalkers may not be someone a person actually knows, but rather someone in another state “cyber stalking crimes present a unique challenge to law enforcement” (Pittaro, 2007 p.191) however, all 50 states have laws against cyber stalking. Solutions to help prevent cyber stalking

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