Cyber Security : Why Economics Is Overcoming Law Essay

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Cyber Security: Why Economics is overcoming Law
Issues of cyber security has come to the forefront of global knowledge and focus. Like many technological issues, it has been a problem for a long time and light has recently just spread to this issue. The emergence of people becoming technologically understanding has led to an ever-expanding rate of technology development. With this business, has need to rely on the internet to broaden their reach of the market while still taking measures to ensure that their information and data stay protected from unauthorized access or attacks. There seems to be no clear preventive solution to the problem as technology is always on the rise while law and implementation tend to fall behind. Many argue that economically safe options will protect businesses better in the long run, while others argue that making more progressive laws will improve the solution. Though cyber security is primarily the focus of technological businesses, businesses across all fields have differing amounts of interest in the subject as well. As is to be expected, the topic effects each field differently, whether it be focusing on the different information held, or simply a different audience targeting it. The economic strategy brings structure while law is catching up by relying on old modified statutes.
Coming from differing standpoints on the subject of cyber security purpose and structure are key to conveying their ideas. On one hand, you have Garvey writing…

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