Essay on Cyber Security Should Be A Top Priority For Consumers

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As more and more devices become connected to networks, more and more frontiers for cyber attacks are developed. A survey conducted by HP on the security of smartwatches proves just that. The survey assessed the security features on 10 popular smartwatches along with their Android and iOS cloud and mobile application components. Each device that was tested was found to have significant security vulnerabilities such as insufficient authentication or lack of data encryption. Cyber security should be a top priority for consumers as we become further reliant on technology (Vijayan, 2015).
While conducting the survey, HP looked at smartwatch management capabilities, network communications, their mobile and cloud interface, and other potentially vulnerable components. All of the watches evaluated collected personal data yet not one of the devices had adequate controls in place that secured the data. These watches were also paired with a mobile device which lacked two-factor authentication and none had the ability to lock out accounts after multiple failed login attempts. Another area HP tested in was the transport layer, 40 percent of the devices used weak cyphers while 70 percent had firmware related insecurities (Vijayan, 2015).
These vulnerabilities left HP researchers flabbergasted, as smartwatches are likely to become a key access point as adoption grows. Current use of smartwatches ranges beyond the usual activity and health monitoring areas. Consumers are now using these…

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