Cyber Security And Cyber Crime Essay

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The expansion of the Internet and availability of information online has lead to an equivalent expansion in cyber crime, or cyber terrorism. In fact, in 2013 the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance reported that “93% of large corporations and 87% of small business reported some form of cyber breach in 2012” (Brewer, 2014). Also, President Obama labeled cyberthreats as an incredibly serious economic and national security challenge (Artlisch and Edelman, 2014).

Cyber crime presents itself as an arduous task to solve given the dynamics of cyber space. Even though cyber security and culture began to take form around the same time as cyber crime, cyber crime is advancing much quicker, which creates a multitude of problems because as cyber space expands, it creates more open areas from cyber criminals to penetrate (Spaleivc, 2014).

Currently, the idea of “cyberterrorism” is one that the healthcare sector fails to understand (Harries and Yellowlees, 2013). However, healthcare presents itself as a prime target for attacks. In the United States alone, the industry accounted for 17% of GDP in 2009, or $2.5 trillion, and the distribution and use of information systems is extensive (Harries and Yellowlees, 2013). In studies by the Ponenom Institute in 2012 and 2013, 90% of healthcare organizations saw their patients ' data exposed or stolen in some form (Conn, 2015).

This report serves to examine the challenges of generating resilient cyber security…

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